The Business: Men's Grooming Lounge - Client Review

Before there was the term Bucket List, I had compiled my own Bucket List of things in life I wanted to experience at least once.  The usual suspects found their way on to my Gotta Do tally sheet.  Skydiving, visiting the Pyramids, going on a date with Cheryl Ladd; all alluring activities in their own right.  Right up there was getting a shave, a real shave.

The kind your father, no, your grandfather would go on about.  Puttering around on a Saturday morning, checking out the hardware store, then heading off for a shave and a haircut (resist the urge).  The kind where a gentleman plied your weather beaten face with hot towels, while plying you with conversation about the weather.  Then, after just the right amount of time, the most luxurious shaving lather would be applied, and then, just after the right amount of time, the gentleman would skillfully begin to work his magic with a straight edge, giving you the most perfect shave known to man.

This I wanted to experience, but in the age of instant gratification, a quick slash or two with a disposable razor is all that I could usually muster.

I wanted The Business.

When word got out that The Business was open for business in Toronto, I was finally able to cross off one of my to-do activities.  Ms. Ladd would have to wait; I had a date with the straight razor.
It was worth the wait.  The staff at the Business apparently listened closely to their grandfather.

This is now the home for hot shaves in the Greater Toronto Area.  The entire experience is, if anything, too short.  I could have lingered there for hours, talking music with the gentleman who attended to me.  But we had a face to shave, and that they did to perfection, to the point that when I touched my velvety smooth face afterwards, it was if I was transported back to a time when life was all collecting baseball cards and riding my bike.

We're talking a close shave, done at a 1952 pace.  One had time to sit back and relax, breathe, and momentarily forget the busy world rushing by outside.

For most of us, money is always tight.  All too often, we forget to take the time to pamper ourselves, the small indulgences that help to get us through the large inconveniences.  An hour at The Business is cheaper than a trip to the Pyramids, far less worrisome that skydiving, and, let's face it, far more attainable than a date with Cheryl.

Take the time to visit The Business.  Take the time to step back into comfort.

Michael W. Kern


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