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Radio Frequency Hair Growth (10) Pack Promotion on Today!

Radio Frequency Hair Growth (10) Pack Promotion on Today!

Stimulates Hormones & Increases Blood Flow to Supply Oxygen/Nutrition to Hair Follicles/Restorative to Collagen & Elastin = Hair Growth

Effective    | Non-Invasive |    Rejuvenates Scalp

For More Information about our Radio Frequency Hair Growth Treatments Visit:

Life can have a relentless pace – at The Business we understand this and we can help men find the day, the hour, the moment that makes them feel like they are really living.

Looking good leads to feeling good, feeling good leads to empowerment. The Business Barbershop was born out of respect and we look forward to welcoming you.

Now more than ever, men want a place where they can take care of all their barbershop – grooming needs and they deserve customized, specialized attention; The Business Barbershop is that place. Proudly Celebrating 10+ Years in The Kingsway

Superboard - Experience
Body Sculpt 360 Customers Reviews
  • D Mac September 2022:  “Having been a regular for the past four years. Kim (the owner) asked if I would be interested in Radio Frequency – to cut the chase, skin tightening, along the jaw line in my case. I was interested but equating the expense involved for a benefit I had no way of accessing was daunting. But then given the professional approach taken by the business, the quality as well as qualifications of the people involved, I was willing to give it a shot. When a good friend in the fashion industry subsequently asked “have you been working out?”, you know it is not only working, but it’s paying off. Comprehensive approach to your overall appearance, you bet! Great value, great people – what are you waiting for!”
  • Anthony September 2022: “Currently trying out their Body Sculpt 360 treatment for my chin and after 5 sessions, the results are insane. Very happy with this added service and recommend it to anyone looking to feel better about themselves. Customer Service and Hair Cut Experience very Professional! I recommend this place !!”