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Made in Canada, the Crown Shaving Co. line of premium blends of natural botanical extracts brings nourishing shea butter, spearmint and white ginger grooming products we have coined Ah! Canada.

At The Business we recognize the demand for quality shave products and here you will have your choice of Supreme Glide Pre-Shave, Shave Cream & After Shave Lotion

The Business: Men's Grooming Lounge

Signature Shave


Old illustration of man throwing ballSTEP 1

The Barber begins with a pre-shave to remove impurities and help soften the stubble making it easier to shave the skin.


The first hot towel is then applied. The effect of heat and moisture in the hot towel serves to open the pores and further soften the beard as well as relax the client. After approximately a minute the hot towel is removed and the Barber carefully cleanses the face of residues.


Using Shave Cream the Barber applies this to the face and beard and this acts as an 'undercoat' to the shave to assist in razor glide while reducing the chance of nicks and cuts. The invigorating effect on both the skin and the senses is refreshing. The Barber generates a lather in the old fashion manner using the shaving cream and hot towel. The lather is then liberally applied and vigorously worked in with a Badger Brush to ensure the hairs are thoroughly coated.


The Barber works with a straight razor to achieve a uniquely close shave; at the same time, paying close attention to any skin sensitivities. As closeness is important – comfort too is the goal as we want to take care and customize your experience. The more often a client visits, the better the Barber will know your face and skin type and the closer the shave.


This is followed by your choice of after shave products from Canada, USA or the Netherlands which continues the cooling and soothing process and restores hydration to the face for a truly old school shave.

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